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neteller casinos

Neteller is a publicly traded corporation on the London Stock Exchange. There are no fees to deposit money into your casino account with Neteller and its popularity has grown immensely over the years. Neteller is similar to PayPal but with slightly different rules and features. For example with Neteller you are only allowed to use one e-mail address whereas with PayPal you are allowed multiple e-mail addresses to pay and receive money.

When signing up with Neteller you will have to certify that you really are who you say you are. Neteller may have you fax a copy of your passport and send your credit card information for verification or you may have to verify your bank account. They usually deposit a small sum maybe 5 cents and withdraw a minute amount of money maybe 4 cents to authenticate that the players is who they say they are and has access to the account they have linked with Neteller. After the individual is notified of the amount deposited into their account you will go to a “confirm your bank account” page on the Neteller website. Afterwards you’re all set to use Neteller for your casino deposits and withdrawals. Usually there are no fees involved. The money transfer into your casino account won’t be instant like debit or credit cards. It normally takes a few days for the transfer to be complete, this goes for withdrawals too. If you are ready to play immediately upon visiting your favorite casino then Neteller may not be the best choice for your money transactions.

If you make a withdrawal from the casino with Neteller you have a few choices of which way you prefer to receiver your money. The money can be transferred directly to your bank account or you can elect to receive a check in the mail. Even though Neteller is free to transfer money to your bank account there are fees that apply for credit card transactions. For instance if you use your credit card to make a deposit in your Neteller account there will be a 3.9% fee on the deposit. Until your account is certified there’s a [$400.00] limit. After your account has been certified you will be allowed to use your credit card to finance your Neteller account for up to [$3000.00] within a thirty-day period. Credit card companies will view your Neteller transactions as cash advances so the cost for using money through your credit card can become costly.

Another type of fee charged to the online casino player is the “InstaCash” fee. You may want your money quicker than the normal 3-4 day period in your casino account. For this pleasure Neteller will charge you an 8.9% fee. The policy associated with Neteller is to withdraw your monies in the same manner that you deposited them. So if you deposited [$50.00] with your debit card you must withdraw [$50.00] back to your debit card. Any extra money beyond that point can be withdrawn using one of the other available methods. Some of the online casinos that accept Neteller are Ladbrokes Casino, Betsson Casino and Spin Palace Casino.

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